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Dongshan River Agricultural Leisure Area 冬山河休閒農業區

A Few Words from the Owner
In the past, this area was a key location for the Kavalan people, and thus the Kavalan predominately contribute to the traditional aboriginal culture in this area. According to extant historical records, the ancestors of the Kavalan people traveled to Taiwan from across the sea and settled on Lanyang Plain. These settlers called themselves the Kavalan, meaning “People of the Plain.” The Kavalan, native to Yilan, prefer to gather near water. Thus, because this area is divided by the Dongshan River, Kavalan settlements are significantly more abundant in the riverside area. The Dongshan River Water Park has become one of the key attractions for travelers visiting Yilan. Dongshan River is ecologically diverse, inhabited by numerous species of resident and migratory birds. Thus, visitors can not only view numerous species of vegetation, but also engage in spectacular bird-watching activities. The Center of Traditional Arts is only a river-crossing away from the water park, combining culture and tourism in one destination. The Dongshan River Agricultural Leisure Area includes comprehensive travelling content, and we welcome you to visit us anytime.

Public transportation
Train: Disembark at Dongshan Train Station. The Dongshan Tourist Service Center is located 50 meters from the station. Services and merchandise at the center include Dongshan travel information and consulting, travel package arrangement, local agricultural products, and vending machines for coffee and other beverages.

No.120, Wuyuan 3rd Rd.,Wuyuan Vil, Dongshan Township, Yilan County 26966

Farm Basics
GPS:E121 48.37

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