Taiwan is the “Kingdom of Fruits”. Fresh fruits are available all through the year. Don’t miss an opportunity to pick-your-own-fruit regardless the season you visit . Let’s enjoy the happiness, health , and extraordinary taste brought forth by Taiwan’s fresh fruits together .

Notice :
  1. Therc arc many varictics of fruits. Different fruit has different picking instructions. Please pick yours following the farm/orchard instructions.
  2. Please select only fresh and ripe fruits to pick. This is the vest way to ensure you get the finest quality of fruits.
  3. Please be reslistic in assessing which fruityou want to pick, so as to prevent waste.
  4. Weather may affect fruit season, please contact your chosen farm or orchard in advance.
※Reminder: all in-season fruits are also available and sold at large fruit stalls throughout Taiwan.
  • Strawberry (草莓)
    In Season : Dec.~Apr.
    In Season:Dec.~Apr. Strawberries in Taiwan are mainly grown in Dahu District of Miaoli, earni...
  • Custard Apple (釋迦)
    In Season : July~Nov.、Dec.~Feb.
    In Season:July~Nov.、Dec.~Feb. Taiwan has the largest area in the world cultivating the custar...
  • Sweet Persimmon (甜柿)
    In Season : Sep.~Nov.、Nov.~Jan.
    In Season:Sep.~Nov.、Nov.~Jan. Taiwan persimmon is primarily produced from September to Nove...
  • Peach (桃)
    In Season : June~Sep.
    In Season:June~Sep. Peaches are cultivated in the high altitude mountain regions around 1,400...
  • Lychee (荔枝)
    In Season : May~Jul.
    In Season:May~July Production of lychee concentrates from May to July in the central and sout...
  • Grape (葡萄)
    In Season : June~Aug.、Sep.~Oct.、Dec.~Feb.
    In Season:June~Aug. 、Sep.~Oct.、Dec.~Feb. Grapes planted in Taiwan are mostly the Kyoho varie...
  • Guava (番石榴) (芭樂)
    In Season : Year-round
    In Season:Year-round In Taiwan, guava is a year-round fruit with peak season from Sept to Nov...
  • Pear (梨子)
    In Season : July~Dec.
    In Season:July~Dec. Pear is called the “ancestor of all fruits”, and is widely planted over 8...
  • Plum (李)
    In Season : Apr.~May
    In Season:Apr.~May There are about 14 varieties of Taiwan plums, mostly located in slopes bel...
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